Monday, February 25, 2013


So for all of you who don't know, my best friend and her two ADORABLE twin boys were on 16 & Pregnant. She shared the very emotional story of her relationship with her kids' father and the birth of her twins.

Jennifer Del Rio, everyone!

Picture taken at Rolling Meadows High School on Teen Mom Day 2012

If you watched the "Where Are They Now" special last March (you can watch the full episode here), you saw that she moved to Chicago for a little while. Well, her and the boys are back in Florida now and are doing great!

Photo taken while we were filming for the "Where Are They Now" episode!

Jenn is going to college and studying Criminal Justice, and the boys are definitely in the "terrible two" stage (but still as cute as ever!).

Jenn has also been spending a ton of time with her horse, Jack!

And for those of you who ask, the boys do see their father, Josh, all the time and he is still a huge part in their lives.

Jenn's Twitter: @jenndelriomtv
Instagram: @jcdelrio

Are there any questions you have about Jennifer or the boys? Leave comments!

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